Continuing Leadership… Of Conservative Priorities…

Looking forward, our state has some very real and difficult challenges ahead. From protecting our state’s sovereignty; to protecting the unborn. From the government assault on personal freedoms; to ensuring those who fight to protect those freedoms are taken care of. I pledge to continue working for each Missourian to ensure Missouri continues to be the premier place live, work and relax, without government overstepping its role.

Protecting the unborn and the sanctity of Life
My record on Pro-Life and Pro-Family issues is a cornerstone of my service in office. I will continue to support and work towards strengthening our Pro-Life laws in Missouri, helping elect Pro-Life legislators, and spreading the message of Life all across our state.

Protecting Your Tax Dollars:

Most politicians forget that the money that government deals with is the People’s money. I have not forgotten that the revenues of the State are YOUR tax dollars. I will continue to be a watchdog on how your tax dollars are spent, and work to return as much of your money to you as possible.

Keeping Missouri Fiscally Responsible

Just like your family must live within its means, so should your government. While serving as your senator, we have reduced taxes, and passed balanced budgets each year, and not spent every dollar you sent in. We saved money for future expenses, and made difficult decisions rather than just let government grow and consume more and more of your money. I will continue to be fiscally conservative with your taxes, and reduce the size of government so it provides essential services better, quicker and with more efficiency and accountability.

Economic Recovery & Job Creation

While many candidates claim they will create jobs most can actually point to past accomplishments. In the past few years I have created programs that have brought hundreds of millions of PRIVATE investment dollars to Missouri businesses to help them expand and hire more workers. I have also passed legislation that has directly resulted in companies relocating to Missouri and producing high paying, family supporting jobs.

I understand that the private sector creates the jobs, but at times the government can help by getting out of the way of business and allowing them to expand and grow, or by being aggressive and creating a climate of growth in the state. I will continue to build on my past successes and work tirelessly to assist economic recovery to Missouri.

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