Proven Leadership… With Proven Results…

By placing Missouri families first since his public service career began, Senator Rupp has proven his ability to listen and represent the values and principles that Missourians hold true. Each politician makes promises, but Senator Rupp delivers on his.

Protected the Unborn

  • This year, Sen. Rupp sponsored and passed legislation that bans abortion coverage in plans offered through Obamacare. While the federal healthcare bill presents several concerns that are an assault on individual freedoms, the most disturbing are the provisions that would threaten the lives of the unborn. The new health insurance ban forwarded by Sen. Rupp will ensure your tax dollars do not go to fund abortions. To read more about Rupp’s bill, click here (MO Record Article)
  • Sen. Rupp has supported legislation giving women the opportunity to view an ultrasound before an abortion, removed abortion providers from Missouri’s classrooms and made it a crime to transport minors across state lines to get an abortion.

Protected Taxpayers

  • Sen. Rupp has helped pass balanced budgets WITHOUT raising your taxes. This year when Missouri’s economy took the hardest hit since the great depression, Sen. Rupp helped reform state government, making it smaller and passing a balanced budget that included NO new spending and that cut out waste and inefficiencies in government programs.
  • Sen. Rupp continues to ensure State Government is accountable to YOU and has worked to provide greater transparency in how your tax dollars are being spent. While the Federal Government continues to spend and add to our debt, Sen. Rupp has ensured no waste, fraud and abuse occurs with your tax dollars by creating the ONLY state committee to bring oversight to federal “stimulus” funds.

Created Jobs

  • Sen. Rupp passed legislation that has attracted new companies and quality jobs to Missouri. Jobs legislation advanced by Sen. Rupp has resulted in thousands of dollars of private investment in Missouri, bringing new companies and new private sector jobs to Missouri.

Protecting your Rights

  • This year Sen. Rupp handled legislation on the Senate floor that will give you the opportunity in August to have your voice heard on the federal healthcare bill. While Washington has voted to force coverage and penalties on individuals under the new laws, Sen. Rupp and the Missouri Legislature have ensured you get the opportunity in August to reject the federal healthcare bill and vote to allow YOU to remain in control of your healthcare decisions, not federal bureaucrats.
  • Sen. Rupp is a member of the NRA, and has supported concealed carry, the Castle Doctrine, and prohibiting the Government from confiscating your weapons during a natural disaster.

Combated Illegal Immigration

  • Sen. Rupp sponsored and passed sweeping reforms to combat illegal immigration, which allow Missouri law enforcement to enforce Federal immigration laws and penalizes employers who hire illegal immigrants. The laws passed by Sen. Rupp in 2008 prohibit illegal immigrants from receiving tax payer funded benefits, including state scholarships and grants, and deny illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Sen. Rupp will continue to be a strong leader on fighting illegal immigration to protect Missouri jobs and Missouri tax dollars.

Protecting Children & Families

  • Sen. Rupp has been a strong advocate on behalf of children and families. In 2008, Sen. Rupp forwarded legislation to update Missouri’s stalking and harassment laws to ensure law enforcement has the tools necessary to protect our children from those who prey on them over the internet.
  • Sen. Rupp has also been a champion for children with disabilities. He’s advanced reforms to protect Missouri’s early intervention programs and created the Missouri Autism Commission to ensure our state’s system of support is efficient and effective for our most vulnerable citizens.

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